Where we’re going we don’t need roadmaps…

Part of the challenge of any operation where you have a tangible product, no matter how small, is maintaining your initial schedule of production. There is a joke in project management circles that the most accurate way to do planning is to take your best estimate and triple it. This is amusingly accurate especially as it concerns software.

There are many interesting articles out there about keeping a team on-track and on-time, but what most seem to miss is the critical component of creativity. Creative projects are almost ideally open-ended. You want the best end result as soon as possible. The line where “ASAP” is often depends on a lack of budget, time, vision, or just bone-weariness.

We’re not slowing down, we’re speeding up because we believe in our vision. To fully express that vision we have delayed the Kickstarter launch for another month or so to blow your mind with the quality of this game.

However, if you want an early look at where we are, sign up to be on our mailing list and we’ll give you the preview link to our Kickstarter page so you can see our beautiful game coming together and help to craft the final look and feel of the campaign.


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