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dale in space

Greetings from Krellware! We are happy to have you with us here in this New Year. We’ve made a few changes around the place that we think you’ll enjoy:

New Website!

We’ve got a new look to show off everything Krellware – a new blog, a new team page and…..


Weather Zen™ Cover

The Village Feud©

We’ve got 2 games in development: Weather Zen™ Tabletop and The Village Feud©. Plus we are currently coding a great piece of software called BaaS Connect to help developers creating their own games in Unity and PlayFab.

Learn more about the Weather Zen™ Mobile Game in our paused games section. Then check out our great ideas for future games!

Weather Zen© Tabletop!

weather west weather south weather card back

Our most exciting bit of news – we have been working hard to create a prototype of the Weather Zen™ game for tabletop play! We have two versions that we can’t wait to share with you…

Want to help us improve the game? Join us for a playtest! We’ll be at PrezCon from February 22 – 26. Other playtests will be announced as we set them up. Join our mailing list for up-to-date news on other playtest dates and times!

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