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Krellware is a game design, creation and consulting shop located in the heart of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. We are committed to quality gameplay, thoughtful design, and maintaining the childlike wonder of gameplay.  We believe our games will inspire, delight, and amuse.

Krellware focuses on game design, good business sense and building a healthy life. We are invested in the ideas surrounding the health benefits of gaming, and have seen those positive benefits play out on our team.

Krellware is the outgrowth of a personal tragedy involving the loss of our founder’s wife and two daughters. This company arose out of the ashes of that loss. His commitment to gaming (and game development) as being therapeutic drives the very ethos of Krellware. We live the idea that good work, good design, and good gaming can come together to support healing. It’s the difference between just being good at games and being well with games.

Our experience has led us to embrace this revolutionary way of thinking of gaming and of game design. We invite you to visit our blog, get to know our team and to join and support us as we build the Krellware community.

Krellware is a brand of DESSEC, Inc. for more information on DESSEC, Inc. please visit our website.

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