Taking a Moment to Appreciate…

The Weather Zen™ team is taking a moment to appreciate PrezCon – you! – and our vision of what’s to come.

We had a terrifically exhilarating, amazing (and exhausting) time at PrezCon. Due to great player feedback, we made a few changes:

  • Storm Tokens: At PrezCon we experimented with changing from a 3-part day (morning, afternoon and evening) to a 2-part day (a.m./p.m.). Because of this change, we needed 2-sided storm tokens and they were a hit! Players found them easier to move and see on the board.
Larger storm tokens on board.
Storm tokens are now larger, 2-sided pieces.
  • Event Cards: Early in the PrezCon week, players still had to play a card to discard it. However, if a player didn’t like a card in their hand they had to play it – and spend Qi – to get a new one. That mechanic just wasn’t working so mid-week we introduced a new rule: Players can discard an event card for a new one. They can then play an event card again on the next turn!
Event Cards.
Don’t like an event card in your hand? Discard it!


To You-the-Gamer: We thank you for your enthusiasm.


…AND WE CAN’T STOP SHOUTING!!! But we’ll try….

The prototype arrival is the game company equivalent of leveling up X 5, finding rare armor AND rolling a natural 20 all at once!

But enough talk, take a look at these pics and then sign up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest in Weather Zen™! Join us at PrezCon February 22-28 for playtesting!

Game setup for 2 players.
Game setup for 2 players.
Close-up of Player One's setup. What is she planning?
Close-up of Player Two’s setup. What is she planning?
Player Two's cheat sheet and Qi/Health cards
Player Two’s cheat sheet and Qi/Health cards
Player One's Game Event cards!
Player One’s Game Event cards!