How to Create a Board Game in 3 Easy Steps!

At Krellware, we’ve spent the last few months – in the midst of other projects – focusing on getting the Weather Zen™ board game ready for playtests and production. How did we do it? It was simple! We just followed these 3 easy steps:

Step 1: Idea!

Start with a great idea! One with a unique twist! One where weather is a key element in gameplay. Yeah!

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We Launch Our Kickstarter Tuesday!

We have been working hard! See the latest changes.

There are great updates to the video.

  • Bluespark™ Studios updated and added more game play scenes developed by Teravision Games! (Their updated website is great too!)
  • Brown Barn App Studios switch from a 4/4 to 7/8 composition.
  • Many thanks to Confidence Head for the sound effects track – the logo at the end came out great!
  • We split the video into two pieces one to show the concept and one with the team talking about the project.

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