We Launch Our Kickstarter Tuesday!

We have been working hard! See the latest changes.

There are great updates to the video.

  • Bluespark™ Studios updated and added more game play scenes developed by Teravision Games! (Their updated website is great too!)
  • Brown Barn App Studios switch from a 4/4 to 7/8 composition.
  • Many thanks to Confidence Head for the sound effects track – the logo at the end came out great!
  • We split the video into two pieces one to show the concept and one with the team talking about the project.

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KickStarter Launching Oct 21st and your chance to win!

In celebration of our October 21st KickStarter launch everyone who signs up for our newsletter before launch will be automatically be entered into a drawing to an exclusive Weather Zen™ prize pack!* AND! For every person who “thanks you” while they are signing up will get you an extra chance in the drawing. Just 2 days left!

*prize will only be rewarded if the KickStarter campaign succeeds.