Contest Winner!

Contest Winner: reddit AMA Sep 12 around noon.

As we approach the last 13 hours of our competition for the #MAGFest8point5 ticket we realized we did not plan on how to announce the winner!  Well with very little thought the problem was solve.  We are going to do a reddit AMA around noon tomorrow and we will let you know who that lucky winner is.  We are getting people registering – there maybe a winner soon!

We will have as many of our team members as we can muster at the reddit AMA to answer your questions.  Since Dale (Weather Zen™ Mastermind) just had this inspiration its hard to say which team members can make it; Dale will be there.



Where we’re going we don’t need roadmaps…

Part of the challenge of any operation where you have a tangible product, no matter how small, is maintaining your initial schedule of production. There is a joke in project management circles that the most accurate way to do planning is to take your best estimate and triple it. This is amusingly accurate especially as it concerns software.

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