BaaS Connect: A high-powered way to create and edit data for your game.


Creating a digital game can be a creative and fulfilling endeavor…full of a great deal of behind-the-scenes-pain-in-the-neck backend work such as setting up payment systems, user management and integration with social media.

A typical approach to creating a connection to a “backend as a service” (BaaS) is to have monolithic connection code – or a large group of small connection codes – that hooks your payer, NPC, and general environment data to the backend system.  However, this requires you to define the data in 3 places: in your code, in your connector, and in your backend data store.  To change any one thing you need to make the change in all 3 places. Not fun!

BaaS Connect solves this problem by allowing you to create and edit your data on the backend and then, in one click, automatically populate ALL your C# script with the required code.

BaaS Connect will be available on the Unity Asset Store in 2016. Join our mailing list and follow our blog for updates on our progress! We look forward to releasing BaaS connect to help game creators create great games!