The Village Feud – A Game by Michael Küesters

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“You seriously think that your mudhole is better than ours?” ­

“Betcha. We’re more hard working, our acres are better and our cattle is fatter!” ­

“That’s what you think, but we are better than you!” ­

“I dare you prove it!” ­

“How about a competition? After one year, the biggest village may decide on the name of the losers’ village!” ­

“Challenge accepted!”

And so it came to pass that a few hearty vassals gathered to prove the greatness of their village…

Recruit citizens, hunt for treasure, raid another village and defend your own in this new card game created by Michael Küesters and produced by Krellware. Michael got the idea for The Village Feud when driving by an oddly named city – and quickly molded it into this game.