Weather Zen™ Tabletop Game

Study the Weather


Setting the stage… imagine a world where the balance between the 4 classical elements has been lost. Your survival, and that of the world of Aqun, are intricately tied together.

You set off across the land, facing the risks of ever-changing storms. Each day you study the weather, choose your path and use your Qi to build shelters to restore your Health.  Search faithfully to find the 4 magic stones and Sanctuary – the only place where the stones may be used in a ritual to save the world.

Plan carefully. Search faithfully. Survive to find the Sanctuary and save Aqun.


Weather Zen™ is currently in a prototype-and-testing phase! To see prototype art, get a chance to play an early version and be the first to learn about our crowdfunding campaign, join our mailing list!