The Slow Game Movement

The slow food movement has been around for several years now. The movement espouses the benefits of restoring the joy of food, family, and friends to long meals. In other words it replaces snacking with savoring.

Slow gaming, like slow food, is about how you interact with others, how the game changes your interactions with the world, and with one another. Traditional gaming focuses on point acquisition, goal achievement, and completion. These are important in slow gaming, but not the ultimate goal. The ultimate goal of slow gaming is interaction, not isolation.

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In the past 2 years crowdfunding has become extremely popular. The number of sites and projects has exploded although experts disagree on the exact number of each, the scale is striking. According to Google Trends data the number of people searching for crowdfunding has increased 50x during 2012 and then doubled from its peak in 2012 to its peak in 2013. For some other statistics from May of this (2013) year:

  • $5.1 Billion is estimated to have been raised in 2013
  • More than 1 million successful campaigns in 2012
  • 43% use an escrow account model, 63% use PayPal
  • Average successful campaign is around $7000 and lasts 9 weeks.

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